• Courses organized for companies

    After evaluation of levels and objectives, we arrange groups and offer an appropriate program. Whichever course you choose we offer preparation for DELF, Goethe Institute, Cambridge University.

  • Pre-organized groups

    You form a group with friends or colleagues and program your lessons during the day or evening at your convenience. Length and number of lessons are optional.

  • Individual private courses

    These courses comprise two 45 minute lessons and flexible hours can be arranged. You can also cancel a lesson up to 24 hours in advance without charge. Evening courses are also available. We can arrange individual courses in French, English, German, Swiss German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian promptly. We also offer courses in other […]


Proposed courses and prices

  • Private courses, Individual : fixed or flexible

45 minutes : Fr. 80.– (possible discount according to your budget)

1 lesson = 2 periods of 45 minutes minimum or 1h30

Length of course and number of periods : flexible

  • Group courses : you make your own group with friends or colleagues

2 person group : CHF 80.– per group

3 person group : CHF 84.– per group

4 person group : CHF 86.– per group

5 person group : CHF 90.– per group

6 person group : CHF 94.– per group

Additional person : CHF 4.– per group

Length and number of lessons : optional

  • Levels

Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Preparation for DELF

  • Courses for companies

Private courses / group courses : prices as indicated above.

A transport fee is calculated according to distance if the course is held at the company premises.

Minimum fee Fr. 30.–


Teaching materials are not included in the price of the course.

You should figure about Fr. 100.– per level.

Payment conditions

At the end of every month or of every week a bill will be sent to you recording the number of hours done. That bill is to be settled within 30 days.